Director Mahendran

Legendary Mahendran back to make Mogamul

Director Mahendran

Mahendran is a very well-known name in film industry despite the fact that he has been away from films for clost to twenty-five years now. Known as a director who excelled in making ‘realistic’ and interesting films, Mahendran had made classics such as Mullum Malarum, Johny (both starring Rajini),Uthiri Pookkal and Nenjathai Killadhae. His films had been visual delights to the viewers.

Without making much ado about it, Mahendran attempted to re-write the face of Tamil cinema, dragging it to the path of realism by making films like the legendary Satyajit Ray. His noble attempts helped in upping the quality of Tamil films made in the eighties by taking them almost on par with world cinema. Mahendran is now attempting to make a comeback in Tamil films after all these years.

Except for making a documentary titled Sasanam for NFDC a few years back, he chose to stay away from films. His films, which are repeatedly broadcast in major regional television channels, have caught up with youths in a big way who have started urging him to start ‘making films’ again. Apparently to honour their request, Mahendran is now preparing the script of his next film.

He has taken up the legendary novel Mogamul penned by Thi Janakiraman, the author-par-excellence. The novel had already been made into a film by Gnanasekaran many years back but didn’t do well. Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s songs, however, stood out in the film. Mahendran has now taken up the novel and has been penning the script in his own inimitable style.

Welcome back, Mahendran Sir!


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