Legendary comedian NS Krishnan’s daughter cheated in land deal by close friends

NS Krishnan

63-year old Vadivammal is the daughter of yesteryear’s legendary comedian N.S. Krishnan and lives in Madurai. N.S. Krishnan happens to be first ‘comedy superstar’ of Tamil films and managed to pass on many socially relevant messages through his comic portions and dialogues in films. Vadivammal has recently been cheated in a land deal by close family friends.

Resident of Andalpuram in Madurai, Vadivammal’s husband Varadarajan came into contact with Nagarajan, his wife Chandra and two others when he stayed in Chennai for some time. They quartet, who claimed to be hailing from Anna Nagar in Madurai, had become very close to the family of Vadivammal.

The quartet had helped Vadivammal in procuring 3.42 cents of land in Vandiyoor. Nagarajan then told her that there was a highly ‘valuable property’ coming up for sale in Pondy Bazaar in the heart of Chennai and forced her to sell the land in Vandiyoor to purchase the Pondy Bazaar property. Based on faith, Vadivammal reportedly gave Nagarajan the ‘power’ to clinch the land deal on behalf of her.

Nagarajan reportedly sold off the Vandiyoor lands at a higher cost instead of trying to secure the property at Pondy Bazaar, causing breach of faith. He was helped by four others in this fraud, it is said. Acting on a complaint filed by Vadivammal, the Madurai police swung into action and are investigating the case.


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