Leenas movie Sengadal on Lankan Tamils passed without a single cut

Troubles are over for Leena Manimagalai

Noted celebrity author Leena Manimagalai had made a film titled ‘Sengadal’ whose script dealt with the various problems faced by the Sri Lankan Tamils who come to Tamil Nadu as refugees.  The film had gone on to describe in detail about the trouble Tamil fishermen are subjected to by the Lankan Navy and also touched upon the internal bickering prevailing in Tamil militant groups in Lanka.

The film, which had been mired in controversy ever since it was announced, was turned away by the Censor Board in Chennai as it felt that the film had ‘too many objectionable contents’ and was critical of the Lankan Government’s approach in resolving the ethnic Tamils’ issue.  As such, the Board didn’t award any certificate to ‘Sengadal’ and instead referred it to the Tribunal.

The Tribunal recently watched the film and passed away without any ‘single cut’ either in visual form or the dialogues, much to the relief of Leena, who had been upset at not being able to get her film cleared by the Censors for its theatrical release. A happy-looking Leena is now enthusiastically making arrangements to release the film in theatres.

Let’s see how the public reacts to a film on the Lankan Tamils’ issue!


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