Leelai running successfully


Andrew Louis’ Leelai came as a fresh and engaging watch at the halls. Set in the backdrop of the IT industry, the film had it different, right from the cast to the approach of the love theme.  Enjoying a strong run Leelai  is scripting a success story for itself.

Tall and dusky Shiv Pandit who made his Tamil debut with Leelai says, “ The response for Leelai, my very first in Tamil is heart warming.” The character in the film of a flirtful IT guy suited Shiv’s personality, which indeed did the trick for Leelai. Even though language was a bit of a barrier, he really worked hard to get things in sync. Shiv is now good friends with director Andrew and is extremely thankful for signing for the film. In female lead it was Karunai Malar (Mansi Parekh) who too had started her innings doing small screen roles. Leelai has given her the needed big break. Director Andrew has beautifully weaved the screenplay for Leelai, also being it’s strong point. His hero Shiv is already reading new scripts , as offers are flowing in for his next Tamil signup. Congrats, to the Leelai team on their successful endeavor.


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