Lawrence does ‘Anna Thaanam’ on Soundarya’s Wedding

 Raghavendra Lawrence isn’t merely a fantastic choreographer or an actor, but also a well-renowned philanthropist who has been extending his hand of service for the physically challenged individuals.Also, he has been rendering free dance classes for those talented dancers, who cannot afford money to develop such skills. His financial Trust provides assistance for heart surgeries of children from financially poor families.

Many of us might not be knowing that Soundarya Rajinikanth, the youngest daughter of Super Star Rajinikanth has been donating 15,000 every month for the disability home being run by Lawrence.

As a token of appreciation to Soundarya, Lawrence donated food to 1000 people at the Raghavendra Temple, which he had built, in Ambattur to coincide with the wedding of Soundarya Rajinikanth on September 3rd, 2010.

 Lawrence also wished Soundarya a very happy married life and a bright future on behalf of the inmates of his orphanage and home for the handicapped.

Kolly-Theater  team  and viewers congratulates Lawrence Raghavendra for his extraordinary endeavors and wish him all the best to continue with his earnest efforts on allaying the needs of underprivileged people.



  1. Karthigeyan

    If every devotee (read 'fan') of Rajinikanth or for that matter, any other actors shun their crazy fan-following activities like anointing their actors' 50-foot cut-out, or blocking the roads on day-one of their new film's release, and do such philanthropic acts, it would a win-win-win situation to the society, to the actor's fame and to the fans. Well done, Lawrence. Continue your charity! 🙂  

  2. Your well wisher

    Good one.. but still you can avoid this publicity.. when the intention is really to help poor.. don't show that up in the Dan shows or in an event like this.. there are people who were doing it for years together without making any noise to the world.. You too can follow.

  3. amudhan

    I strongly accept.

    There are many people who donates much but refrain from publicity.

    May be for fund raising,you can publicize,but not then and there.

  4. Madan

    What all you mother fuckers dont know is Lawrence is very weak in sex matters, he has fucked lot of co actresses

  5. suresh

    So what this Madan fucker want to tell…….

    If his sex scandals comes out,ppl show their hatred,..

    How dare you fucker simply scold others…

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