Laticharge on fans at Kavalkaran Shooting

Vijay at Kavalkaran Shooting
Vijay-Asin starrer ‘Kavalkaran’ team is back into Shooting mode and are currently shooting at the Vellore Institute of Technology campus in Vellore, Tamilnadu – 632 01.

Yesterday a song featuring Vijay and Asin under Raju Sundaram’s choreography was shot in Vellore sathuvachari playground. Inspite of being  holiday period for the university there was a huge crowd  at the VIT campus to catch an eye on Vijay and Asin. But the fans were not allowed to see the shooting inspite of having waited at the entrance of indoor statium for a long time to meet Vijay and Asin.

On request from several fan heads after a long time Asin wearing sleaveless black tops and a Jean came out and waved her hands to the fans, which jerked the long waiting  fans and all  rushed to make an attempt to view Asin as closer as possible. But the scene turned worse and to control the overwhelming fans, the police had to do a slight Laticharge on fans to send back the crowd.

The shooting schedule will go ahead as planned in vellore VIT college and sathuvachari playground for the next 10 days, director Siddique said.



  1. Anonymous

    Guys, I think We people seriously lack in self respect. This leads to such activities by this fans. I feel pity for those who ve been beaten. Hope our next generation doenst do the same crap,…!
    Try to educate as much people as you could.

    Jai Hind

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