Vijay Narpani Iyakkam Mumbai

Lathicharge at Vijay’s Makkal Iyakkam anniversary in Mumbai – Pics

Vijay Narpani Iyakkam Mumbai

Utter chaos and confusion marred the function held by Vijay’s fans in Mumbai to mark the 5th anniversary of the launch of Vijay’s Makkal Iyakkam. The function featured cultural programmes wherein Vijay was to give away welfare schemes to the selected beneficiaries.

The function was held in the Antop Hill locality in Mumbai, which has a large colony housing Central Govt. employees. Vijay’s father & producer-director S.A. Chandrasekar and other chief guests were seated on the dais. All hell broke loose when Vijay appeared on stage after some time and waved to the fans who had assembled at the venue.

The fans started pulling at Vijay’s hands and legs in an uncontrollable urge to get up-close with the actor and shake hands with him. The fans then started getting up the stage in huge numbers to meet their star from close quarters which created huge tension and tough times for the organizers. This led to the police, who were standing near the stage, to indulge in mild lathi-charge to disperse the crowd.

More than 30 youths were injured in the lathi-charge and the resultant stampede at the venue. As the fans ran helter-skelter in all directions to avoid getting hit by the police, the venue resembled a scene of attack. Chairs were strewn all over the venue while more than 25 chairs were completely damaged.

Vijay left in a hurry due to the commotion following which an office-bearer of the Iyakkam gave away the sewing machines and computers and other assistance to whoever remained at the venue.

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