Latest Genelia pic from Pathinaindham Nootrandu Uraivaal

Latest Genelias pic from Pathinaindham Nootrandu Uraivaal

The Pathinaindham Nootrandu Uraivaal Trailer (Urumi) released earlier has helped fuel the hype that Santhosh Sivan has created for his multi-starrer offering .Fans just can’t stop freezing their eyes on Genelia as she has surprised everyone with her Portuguese warrior princess image. She has even undergone some martial art training in Kalaripayattu equipping herself with some sword fighting skills.In a scene from the movie she is seen leading the way as she grips firmly to a horse with a wonderful mane and tail, closely followed by her army seated on horse-backs. 


Well on a personal note Genelia offered her prayers in church this ‘Ash Wednesday’ and she has promised herself to keep a fast for 40 days (i.e no non-veg) as the season of Lent has begun for Christians worldwide. She did have a blast on Women’s day earlier hosting a rock concert in Mumbai.

That’s Genie for you living life high with her strong beliefs still intact. We wish our cutie all the luck this 31st March with her release.



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