Lara Dutta – Mahesh Bhupati announce their engagement

Lara Dutta - Mahesh Bhupati announces their engagement in Twitter

Mahesh Bhupathi and Lara Dutta  threw a shocker that last Sunday that they got engaged at New York City and are anxious for their upcoming wedding. The couple took to Twitter Sunday to announce their engagement.

“So Lara Dutta and me got engaged in NY ( New York) last week. Its official now,” Bhupathi, who is in Chennai for a Davis Cup play-off tie against Brazil, wrote on his twitter page.

Bhupathi had walked out of his six-year old marriage with model Shweta Jaishankar in July this year. They cited “irreconcilable differences” for the basis of their split.

Though Mahesh-Lara closeness had lighted up a lot of buzz in the Bollywood town,  the couple were always tight lipped about their relationship.  Even when Mahesh’s ex-wife Svetha Jaishankar opened up to the media, insisting that Lara had been responsible for the end of her marriage, the actor maintained a dignified silence.

Today, Lara says, “I met Mahesh a year after he had separated from his ex-wife. So I was not involved or responsible for their break-up. Once we started seeing each other, I knew instinctively that he was my Mr Right. But we waited, gave ourselves time to see if things would work out right and announce it properly.”

When’s the marriage? Not this year,” she says. “Both of us are too busy. After the Davis Cup, Mahesh has the Commonwealth Games coming up.” She adds, “Our families are excited. We love each other and our three dogs. Life’s beautiful!”



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    Look at this Mahesh's mother preach the world as how a christian should live, but when it comes to her own son, she doesn't care!  Evangelism Vazhga!!!! Thoo…. =-X

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