Lalitha Kumari wishes Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj Lalitha Kumari
Lalitha Kumari, ex wife of Prakash Raj has expressed her wishes to Prakash Raj on his marriage stating that the new marriage should make the star happy.
The Versatile actor Prakash Raj had made it public his relation with Pony Verma at the recent premiere of his debut Kannada flick Naanu Nanna Kanasu. Prakash Raj – Pony Verma marriage is said to be scheduled on June 24 this year. 

When asked Lalitha Kumari about the marriage, she said, ” I heard the news through the media, that both of them are getting married soon.  I wish him all the best and let this new relationship bring happiness to him.”

” I am concentrating on my daughters future and this only is important to me”, she added.



  1. Anonymous

    She has proved that she is too good, and her words would become heart piercing ones to Prakashraj…..Anyways he will suffer later……Poor man…..

  2. Anonymous

    guys are taking all ladies foe granted.. he will realise the pain of missing his true wife in his death bed… bull shit idiots……..

  3. uma

    All the best Lalitha and there is more in life and prakash raj was just a part . Your confidence should be appreciated.

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