Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Aaroganam

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan turns director with Aaroganam

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Aaroganam

Actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan is easily the most sought-after ‘mother’ actress in the Tamil film industry along with Saranya Ponvannan. Unlike Saranya, who has done many kinds of roles and even won the national award for ‘best actress’ for her role in Tenmerku Paruvakkatru, Lakshmi relegates herself mostly to city-centric characters and in films made in urban surroundings.

Both Saranya and Lakshmi qualify for the ‘young-looking’ mother’s character in Tamil films and have been having a very good time in the past few years. Few are aware that beneath her good looks, Lakshmi possesses film-making abilities too. The actress, who is in her mid-forties, is turning director with a film titled Aaroganam.

After debuting as an actress in Karu Pazhaniyappan’s Cheran-Sneha starrer Pirivom Sandhippom a few years back, Lakshmi has so far starred in as many as 33 films and has also been seen in television serials of late. Sources say that Lakshmi has even started the shooting of the film some time back without attracting the attention of the media and is about to wrap up the entire shooting schedule!

Speaking about her film, she says “Instead of making films with usual themes, I wanted to make a film as different as Santhakumar’s Maunaguru. Even a serious message can be considered in the most subtlest manner in a humourous way. Each and every issue has to be approached in a positive manner; Aaroganam has been made in this manner. I have narrated an incident which I watched and observed from close quarters in the past.

“The film is produced by Medimix. I’m not making a film to become a big director; I just wanted to share my feelings about an issue which impacted me the most,” concludes Lakshmi. The film has Sampath, Jayaprakash, Viji Chandrasekar, Uma Padmanabhan, Raji and Vijayasarathy besides a couple of newcomers in Viresh and Jai Kuhreni. Lakshmi doesn’t play a role in the film but would be making a ‘special appearance’ a la K.S. Ravikumar!


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