Lakshmi Rai’s horrible airline experience

Lakshmi frustrated after the incident
Lakshmi frustrated after the incident

The incident reminded us of the Daniel Powter song “You had a bad day ,You sing a sad song just to turn it around”.

Well seems things didn’t turn around that well for Lakshmi Rai who had been romantically linked with M.S. Dhoni. in the past.

The actress who was bound for Belgaum to visit her sister and her newborn could not do so because of a private airline’s utter lack of co-ordination.

The infuriated actress narrates her recent bad experience with a private airline:

“As there were no direct flights to Belgaum from Chennai, I planned to fly to Bangalore, take a connecting flight to Hubli,
and from there drive down to Belgaum”.

Narrating the incident further she said,” My flight to Bangalore was scheduled to leave at 5.45 am,  but took off only at 7.30 am.
I’d expressed my apprehension stating that this late take-off could result in my missing the connecting flight from Bangalore to Hubli and I was assured that this flight, also with the same airline, would be delayed.”

But only after arriving at the Bangalore airport did she know that the Hubli flight had left.

On confronting the authorities, they said  they could put her on the same flight for the next day , but when she pointed out the urgency of the situation and that she only had one day at her disposal they suggested to take a connecting flight to Hubli, which was from Mumbai.

The actress demanded for a business class ticket for the same, which the authorities did promise but never returned. The actress had contacted her production team in the mean time , who sent her a ticket to Mumbai saying that the matter could be resolved later and catching the flight was the need of the hour.

She continued, ” Even this flight was delayed. Finally, after taking our boarding passes and allotting a flight, they made us board on another delayed Mumbai- bound flight. On landing in Mumbai, we discovered that our luggage had gone missing! “ only to aggravate, the issue further.

Now the actress is staying in Mumbai and hopes to visit her sister and her newborn only after Deepavali.



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