Lakshmi Rais Hollywood debut with director James Cameron

Lakshmi Rai Hollywood debut with director James Cameron
Lakshmi Rai Hollywood debut with director James Cameron

Hollywood big-shot James Cameron who has some monumental offerings to his credit in the likes of Titanic and the latest epic fantasy 3-D offering Avatar has decided to rope in the sizzling Kollywood diva Lakshmi Rai for his next project.

The development came as an unexpected one when Lakshmi was shooting with acclaimed director Priyadarshan for the Malayalam film “Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P. Madhavan Nairum” in the Al Kateena desert,Abu Dhabi. The director and crew were surprised to find an SUV entering the shooting spot and stepping out was none other than James Cameron himself. Both men talked over the current trends in Kollywood and Hollywood and one of our local scribes present at the sets told us that Cameron expressed his interested in producing a flick in joint effort with Priyadarshan handling directorial duties during the engaging discussions.

On further inquiry Lakshmi Rai told us, Cameron said that I had a good body of work and it is a huge compliment for me. I will head to California to join the director soon.” Cameron was really impressed with Lakshmi’s performance and when he came to know more about the doe eyed beauty, he couldn’t resist himself posing for a nice shot.

Looks like Hollywood’s got its very own Lakshmi for now.




  1. Urvashi

    All the best, Lakshmi. You will have a complete circle in Los Angeles. True talent never go waste in life. Every one in life does have an angel. James Cameron might be your shooting star.  When you appear on a world premier show, then Tamil directors will realize what they missed.

    Good luck!

  2. Attu figure Urvashi

    Unaku oru chance venuma padthilae. Un Munjhi ke oruthey chance thara matan. Hollywood movie lae nadikae asaiya. Thu…

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