Lakshmi Rai on a spree

lakshmi rai
Lakshmi rai

Lakshmi Rai the glam doll has been recently in news for all her work in Kollywood .The actress is waiting for the release for her latest

venture ‘Kanchana‘, which is a sequel to the film ‘Muni’.

Now, the lady has gone ahead and decided to expand her little kingdom to include 3 Malayalam movies i.e. ‘Christian Brothers’, ‘Casanova’ and ‘Yodha 2’.

Her calendar seems to be full check marks these days keeping her very busy. So much to do and so less time poor girl.

Presently she is enjoying herself in ‘Bangkok’ doing scenes for song Vilayadu Mangatha from the movie ‘Mangatha’ starring Ajith and Trisha.She will be returning to Chennai quite soon and start to work on her upcoming movies

Where she has been given a chance to show her skin! (Oh! we meant skills) in well regarded roles.


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