Kushboo’s Plastic Thaali Controversy

Kushboo's Plastic Thaali Controversy
Kushboo with Plastic Thaali and Rudraksha Maalai

Kushboo is back at it what she is good for!!

The latest controversy is that the actress was seen wearing a plastic Thaali with Rudraksha maalai, as a fashion ornament during the audio launch of Nagaram marupakkam, a new venture from her home production with sundar.C in lead.

The audio launch of this movie was held recently with Chief minister karunanidhi presiding over the function. M.K.Stalin, Kamalhassan were among the important personalities who attended the function.

After drawing much flak for wearing chappals while sitting in front of idol of goddess at a film pooja, now it is her act of plastic thaali that has been insulting the  sentiments of  some section of people seems.

Kushboo had earlier landed in controversies over her remarks on premarital and safe sex, forcing political parties like the PMK to seek her apology.



  1. rina_23

    hahahaha watta sense of humor engayo poita machi so in near future plastic made thali kai kudukom soluringa well said ūüėÄ anyway why v after kush over this thali issue afterall the manufacturer whom design it shld ask this question!! bla bla bla epavacum tirutunga makkaley!¬† ūüėõ

  2. Karthik

    Not one person who has commented so far, including me, has been adorned with a temple, except our one and only Kush. So, people of TN love her so much and she is even being taken as a role model. The act of condemning her 'Kushboo size' Thali has nothing to do with male chauvinism or women liberation and rights. It is the nonsensical act of ridiculing the beliefs of others that we are commenting on. You may have your own views, preferences about sex, thali or even lesbianism and gay sex. (personally, I might like them all, but really…who cares…). As long as you are not a social figure, none of your personal views matter. But when you become a public figure (or should I call public property !)and people have given you a pedestal every word and act of yours is for public criticism. Of course to you none of this will matter because you now have a great new home…¬†

  3. kid

    dei "Nallavan".. kushbu kaalai virikiratha pathiyum pesura.. culture pathiyum pesura.. enna pirachanai da unaku..

  4. shalini

    women no need thali, only mutual understanding companion for life long. thali is only a significant nd symbol for marriage. why man don hv any significant shows them married? this thali sentiment bullshit, only women all time victim for controversy! man's are free from commitment and public mocking! is rely unfair for women =-O

  5. meeeee

    Why do you people concentrate on someone's life..India is still developing & poor country , its becos of you people who¬†concentrate on others life…dont u've all nothing else to do?//go and do your own business…its up to her what to wear , what not!!!¬†Culture is what we created..who is wearing saress, vetti sattai nowadays??everything in this world is bound to change, why not culture????…
    Something is wrong only if it is harm to others. wearing plastic thali isnt going to kill someone..

  6. roshinii

    For ur opinion, Im frm Malaysia…n yes i do support Kushboo…I dont think Kushboo ridiculing the beliefs of others..R u mad Karthik??..Who says dat wen u become a public figure u belong to public property??Wat makes u think dat kinda of matter??First of all a public figure is a human being..dont forget dat…I mean there is many public issues u can talk bout…like etc. vandalism, politics, n how to make more peace..but wat u all ppl talking abt…Hav sum heart before jumping saying dat Kushboo is just a public property….n u can say anything to her??I think in future u might say dt u can even sleep wid Kushboo becoz she is public property??..U R COCONUT KARTHIK….

  7. priyanka

    i dont understand why u all call it a plastic thali … it is just a ornament she has worn …. as u all know thalis are not put outside to display they are hide inside the saree . So if she has put is out it is not thali what she has worn she has just worn a design ornament a fashion jwellery that is all . She is trying something new shomething different she is in a fashion world why u all are just watching her legs and neck there are many things in this country to watch .
    none can talk against big big leader and their mistakes chumma making all small issue into big things for time pass.

    There are many ladies as per vijay tv kadhai all nijam who have extra marital affair do they respect thali . many ladies when angry over husband and inlaws has removed their thali and thrown at husband face …. many indian in US enver wear thali ….. ithu ellam prachannai illai ava thali madiri chain potta thappa..
    appo gentle man le namma shankar or arjun thaliye motharam madiri kayile pottu athey kaiyle thupakki vachi thirudinare appo athu¬† thaliye avamariyathai saivatha ….? ippadi adikitte pogalam ….

    1. Manju

      First of all this women is out of sense and out of Tamil culture. she is sold out controversial women who should not even speak about traditional aspects. She must kick herself to death for insulting the value of mangalsutra and divine rudraksha that should not even be touched by such a whore like her. Tamil culture and tradition was born in tamilnadu. Any women who go the other way around causing disgrace to our values must be kicked to death in public. And first one whose in the list is this pig nakath Khan. Coming from a Muslim family this bitch isn’t following their culture foot steps neither our hindus tradition after marrying a typical south Indian men. Who the hell she thinks and does all sorts of freaking things to ruin our ways.. it’s all our tamilians fault for letting this weed of women into our state and allowing her to destroy our values… let’s have a pact not to bring white trash like this women into our Tamil land and mock our values… she and nithyananda deserve to be kicked out of tamilnadu desperately..

  8. roshinii

    I wish dat guys cud wear somthing like a chain same as thali on their neck identifying dat they got married as well…why not v create dat as one of the culture for guys…dat will be intresting…so aft dat¬†guys will know a woman's feelings as well..n they will knw how to respect n give same equal rights to woman as well…I discover all the uplifting of a culture befall on woman's shoulder..She shud wear thali, be decent while guys can go¬†and takcle gurls¬†around even aft marrying…but a gurl shud be like a lamp post..sacrificing their life in wateva manner so dat the family's name not blacken…Im saying tis coz i read many posts dat made by guys pinpointing abt gurls tis n dat…Even one says Kushboo is green bitch she shud be like tis n dat…If gurls given green bitch as her name, wat abt man?..wat v shud called dem the¬†guys who goes around n making sex¬†wid many gurls?..I¬†think¬†man n woman hav same¬†equal rights..If guys can sleep around wid 10 gurls why nt gurl do the same?….Guys dont be selfish…As for me, tis stupidity is brought by our old generation of man manipulating towards woman…n i saw many guys even publish naked photo of a woman in tis posts which was taken away by the admisnistrator…Dont u hav any respect sense towards woman..??

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