Kushboos 2 cell phones stolen at Express Avenue mall

Khushboos 2 cell phones stolen at Express Avenue mall

Twin-losses for actress Khusboo, as 2 of her expensive mobile phones she was carrying are now resting thieved pockets. The incident occurred during her recent trip to the Express Avenue Mall here in Chennai. Khusboo was carrying the latest models of a Blackberry and a glittering iPhone which have now become victims of theft.

The actress was accompanied by her manager Anbu as they went in search of some new DVD’s to fill their bags for the weekend. She had left her bag at the entrance and while taking the mall rounds. On returning to the counter to collect her bag she was shocked to find that her bags and other essentials were missing. Soon her manager headed to the nearest police station and lodged a complaint to get hold of the robbers. The mall people have offered some relief saying that their CCTVs were fully functional and as soon there is any evidence they will report the local police about the same.

We hope Khusboo finds her mobiles soon and is more careful the next time round.





  1. maya aslam

    naatulaa enaaa enaa mooo kaanaa pooguthuu ipo inthaa new remba mukiyamaaa,1,80,000 koodiya kanam atha first kandu pudingapaa,kusuupu naaala veaar new cell phn enemay vaanga veay mudiyathaaa solunga maakaley,keta aathula ulaa numpr mukiynu soluuvanga intha maadam…..thu

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