Kushboo to Contest Jayalalitha-Karunanidhi

Kushboo-Joins DMK Party

Kushboo joined DMK in the presence of Chief Minister Karunanidhi at Anna Arivalayam on May 14. After a  formal welcome by offering a Shawl to kalaignar,Anbazhagan and Deputy CM Stalin, she enrolled herself as a primary member of the party.

Addressing mediapersons after admitting her into the party fold, Mr.Karunanidhi said for a long period Ms. Kushboo had been espousing progressive views in films. It was possible for her to effectively portray the role of Maniammai in the film ‘Periyar’ because of her deep commitment to the ideals of Periyar and the DMK. She had always taken up the cause of women’s betterment and had the ability to voice her concerns on issues concerning women.

Interview Excerpts
Q: What would be Kushboo’s contribution on the party?
Kushboo has already been engaged in women empowerment activities and lots of social work. She will be joining DMK Women’s Wing and will be working for party’s growth.

Q:What will be the position or responsibilities given to Kushboo in DMK?
I was not given any responsibilites when I joined DMK. Even Anbazhagan, Stalin were also working without any role assigned. The position will be granted later based on the enthusiasm, hard work and genuine work.

Q: There was news stating that Kushboo was willing to join congress?
We have alliance with Congress party only

Q:Kushboo has Joined DMK suddenly?

You know today evening 5.00 PM she is joining the party suddenly, You should not think so,More than a month back she had decided to join the party

Q: Is there any idea to make Kushboo conetsting against Jayalalitha in the upcoming assembly election?
No such ideas.

Q: Was there any pressure on Kushboo to join DMK?
There is no question of pressure on Kushboo in joining the DMK and DMK doesn’t indulge in such cheap act nor kushboo will also support it

Q: DMK Women’s Wing  already has well experienced women like Sarguna Pandiyan. Wont Kushboos arrival cause the opinion difference between the experienced ones and the recently joined Kushboo?

After laughing, “Please don’t try to create partition problems”



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