Kushboo -Sign up heroines who are well-versed in Tamil- Is she the right person?

kushboo advices film makers

Actress Kushboo talks are the hot topics for discussion in the Kollywood arena. Kushboo is well knowm for her mouth talks. Recently Kushboo’s speech during the audio launch in Chennai seems to have heated up.The actress has in fact advised the filmmakers to sign up heroines who are well-versed in Tamil language instead of looking for leading ladies in Kerala and Mumbai.

Though this is welcomed by the Tamil film industry, many wonder if Kushboo is the right person to advice them. It has to be noted here that Kushboo is also from north India before making Tamil Nadu her home after establishing herself as an actress here.

Is Kushboo making these comments, so that it would support her in the political arena? Is she trying to throw more public light on her?



  1. Anonymous

    By saying controvertial stuff, she gets attention. It looks like this person is always looking to get attention. But this statement is heights of her hypocrisy. Imagine her being being a CM of TN or PM of India and I think she is after one of those posts… In that respect the first post is indeed correct, I think. What a bitch…

  2. chana

    Hello guys i feel that she is the proper person to judge good heroin for tamil industry! Even though she is from north but her acting skill was super.She has done good movies with wonderful performance. 

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