Kushboo returns to Hindi films after freeing herself from 22 criminal cases


Kushboo is at her horizon for the past one week as the 22 criminal cases against her in Supreme Court turned in her favor. She previously made comments on premarital sex, which took her to the Supreme Court. The Court freed her of the case stating that there was nothing illegal about live-in relationships and premarital sex amongst adults.

Kushboo, who is known for her fearless remarks irrespective of the issue she is talking about, “We have a completely dependable judiciary. And I feel it now more than ever. The Supreme Court’s direction clearly shows freedom of speech does exist in India.”

“I now know I can speak my mind freely, that freedom of speech does exist in our country and we’ve a completely dependable judiciary. The reason why I fought against all odds was my daughters. I had to tell them that their mother is strong and they should be proud of her,” she said to leading English daily.

The lady is all set to return to Hindi films. “Govinda and I are bum-chums. I say to his wife Sunita, ‘I’ve let you have him for 26 years. I can still run away with him.’ We’re just a phone call away from each other,” she added.


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