Kushboo removed From Jaya TV’s Jackpot game show

Kushboo removed From Jaya TV's Jackpot

Jackpot is Jaya TV’s popular game show anchored by Kushboo which has been teleast  right from 2001 after Jayalalitha came to power.

In reaction to Kushboo’s political Jackpot of joining hands with opponent’s DMK, Jaya TV has allegedly removed her from the show.

The game show will not be telecast today,Sunday on its scheduled time of 8.00 PM and sources in the channel say Kushboo has been removed from the Jackpot show and the show has temporarily stopped and steps to create alternate programmes until a new anchor can be signed up have to take care off. .

Confirming the news, KP Sunil producer of the programme said, “Kushboo’s present popularity is solely due to this show. We did not have any problems when she started doing shows on Kalaignar TV owned by the Karunanidhi family as many stars appears in different channels.

Also she didn’t reveal her political desire to us in the Jackpot meeting which was held few days back either. When joining DMK Kushboo had said that business and politics should be considered different. But when she joins a political party that is rival towards AIADMK Supremo Jayalalitha how can she be forgiven?. Jaya TV cannot permit her to continue with us”

“The next 15 episodes which is ready for realease also will not be telecasted”, he added.

On Friday, when she met the media soon after becoming a primary member of DMK in the presence of party chief M Karunanidhi, Khushboo expressed confidence that she could remain in DMK as well as continue to host the show on Jaya TV. “This is politics, but that is business,” she had said.

When contacted Kushboo on the news of being sacked from jaya tv, she said she was not aware of Jaya TV’s decision.“They have not informed me about removing me from the show. So I cannot comment,” was her response.

It is worth mentioning Kushboo has now signed up with Vijay TV Azhagiya Tamil Magan programme as a permanent judge.



  1. Sriram

    it is true that Kushboo's popularity increased because of Jaya Tv's Jackpot. If she feels that business and politics are different, then why she hidden the fact in the Jackpot meeting that she is going to join DMK.

    This is her contribution to Karuna for his help in getting her out of the cases.

  2. Anonymous

    i guess she must hav her own reason to hide dat she is gona join DMK…everyone has their own choices to choose…n even her popularity increased lately due to Jaya Tv's Jackpot but still it was still due to her hard work dat she puts in to progress herself more into social service….I wish her her best of luck in wateve undertaking she does….n I believe dat Kushboo's popularity is not bcoz of Jackpot but its for her own credit she has on herself…I admired her so much for her courage….Well done Kushboo!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    KUSHBOO was already very popular and her presentatuon of the jackpot show was classic she was so bubbly &full of energy wonder who can match her .Cheers to you

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