Kushboo arrested along with MK Stalin

Kushboo arrested along with MK Stalin

Actress Khushboo surprised many friends within and outside the film industry last year when she aligned herself with the DMK, the erstwhile ruling party. Khushboo’s reality show was quite popular and was on air in Jaya TV for the past many years; as such, it was assumed that she was close to the AIADMK supremo Jayalalitha and that she would join AIADMK as and when she decided to enter politics.

As it turned out, she aligned herself with the DMK and campaigned hard for the party for the Assembly elections held in April but couldn’t prevent the rout of DMK and its allies. Though Khushboo hasn’t been assigned any specific capacity in DMK, she is given ‘royal’ treatment at all the DMK’s events and functions in which she takes part.

When the rest of the party cadres and leaders were stunned into silence after the defeat, she also boldly commented after the election results that the people of Tamil Nadu ‘would live to regret the fact that they voted Amma to power’. She is now actively taking part in various agitations and protests planned by DMK.

This morning, the party held widespread demonstrations all over the State to protest against the ‘vindictive attitude’ of Amma’s regime. Khushboo took part in the demonstration held in North Chennai which was presided over by M.K. Stalin, former deputy chief minister. The volunteers raised slogans against the chief minister and the ruling party.

Khushboo then was arrested along with Stalin and many other leaders and volunteers of the DMK.



  1. Aravind

    Orea cell podunga…stalin koncham happya errupar……..kusbhoo oda aravanipu nalla errukum stalin ku…..nalla “kavanipanga” kusbhoo stalina!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. june

    wow all the big fish are getting caught….finally some good news….so sad that tamil nadu was ruled by prostitutes and theifs..

  3. MM

    She, a woman, is taking bold decisions…..you, a woman, only can comment bad on her back … try to appreciate the boldness in her ….

  4. KI

    Hey MM! Neeyae vetti mundam veena pona thandam! unaku eduthuku mathavanga enna comment panraan namma athuku epdi reply panlaamnu! poi un velaya mudhala paaru

  5. meera

    taking bold decision wat for,wt is d use?is any childrens got educated coz of her?did she feed any poor?did she contribute anythin to sick plp or orphans……womens like mother teresa can be praised nd appreciate.coz they did not do anythin in order gain cheap publicity…then y d hell she shd is appreciate?….

  6. vadivu!

    what an ass that she is ! What an embarassment for Sundar C! Politics is no longer about people it is about power and has always been that way!

  7. vadivu!

    Do you know the difference between boldness and being vendictive?! She is shouting at the wrong tree at the wrong time! One DMK fucker conducted a wedding in Madurai. Do you know how much it costed on public money ? I know JJ is not good, but she is a better evil when compared to Evil Karunanithi and the thugs! 

  8. Nanban

    Aai! Makku Muniyamma(MM)! Comment mean people point of view. You can not say which one right or which one wrong! You can type Kushpoo’s good things (we all like to know). Woman or Man people will type their comments how they look at them.

  9. அக்னி

    Hey MM! Panrigala Valarththaal, Athu Nadu Sera Irukka Vendum Endru Than Ninaikkum.   பன்றிகளை வளர்த்து விட்டால், அது நாடு சேறாக இருக்க வேண்டும் என்று தான் நினைக்கும். இது ஒரு பன்றி, அதனால் தான் எல்லோரும் வெறுக்கிறார்கள்.

  10. Panchamugam

    dmk oru kevelama katchi… athuku support panna jaila podama kovila kattuvanga? karuna nayee thamiz natta sorandi eduthuttan… ippo antha vinai avana soranduthu…

  11. Nanban

    Nobody perfect here! Lets give a chance to Jaya to fix herself (who knows that sometime she realized her mistakes). Karunanithi no more a challenge to Jaya. So far she is doing good. We have to support whoever doing the good things for the country.

  12. june

    yeah..but most politicians are bad just in different proportions as long as jaya is not as bad as karunanidhi…its all good 

  13. htt

    Sundar C its time for you to keep your wife in the house to take care of the kids and cook some good punjabi paratha for you.

  14. MM

    Hey KI! Neeyae vetti mundam veena pona thandam! unaku eduthuku mathavanga enna comment panraan namma athuku epdi reply panlaamnu! poi un velaya mudhala paaru

  15. Aravind

    MM i havent commented a common people…they r soooo arrongant people……they deserve much more bad words…i never blog against the readers……nanaga cheap errukom…eega nalla “costly” errunha…we are common people…

  16. vivek

    kushboo va north la nala f***k panitu south thorathi vitanga inga cini field la nala f**k pani kudon adangula ipo politics la dmk kilavenga kita padukra, sundar c oru potta avenuku itha pathi kavala ila yena actor prabhu kuda senthu ivanum kushboo va f***k panava tanee, ivala elam tamilnadu la vitathé thapu ipo tamil peoples ku iva nalathu seya politics vanthura… kra thoooo

  17. Aravind

    MM bold nu enna artham………unga agarathila……she is not a super woman………people are respected by their deeds….. not bcas of political parties or glamour…..u could called Irom Sharmila as bold……..avagala pathi ungaluku theriuma????if not so search in net for her…..she is bold woman…there are lot of women who hold the family without out others support…antha peru theriyatha kuppama, muniyamma bold soluunga…….people know she is is bitch…..i dont comment abt it bcas its her personal….when she is public life she must be clean….but she is with a political pary which ruined my state and people…so i wont hesitate to call her bitchy bitch

  18. Stalin

    MM kusbhoo kuda ungala pathi perumai sonna…..unnai nenachu keta enn fcuk pannuna da….kalukra da nee than thaioli thamilan…un pondati ellina amma en keta kutitu va….

  19. Smile

    It is sanskrit and it means during a bad phase(Vinasha kaale),we go against our intelligence(buddhi)which in return, causes us serious consequences(vibareetham).

  20. Nanban

    I dont need your certificate for my goodness or badness. Why you can not answer Meera’s questions? Atlesast one? There is no movie chances, So, Another option politics. Some stupid people point of view thats a bold decision.

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