Kusbhoo wishes to Join Congress Political Party

Kusbhoo wishes to Join Congress Political Party
Supreme Court dismissed all the 23 cases against Kusbhoo just a few days back for her interview to a magazine on pre-marital sex, and now Kushboo says she would not hesitate to accept a political platform if offered.

I am a great fan of the Congress and I would like to join the party,” the actress, who was holidaying in London with her family, said. When asked whether she had got any feelers from the national party, she said, “I don’t want to tell anything now. I’ll be back in Chennai in a few days to take further decisions.”

Expressing happiness over the apex court’s verdict, Kushboo said, “Ours is a democratic country which guarantees freedom of speech. This has once again been proved now. I am extremely happy. If you are confident, justice will be delivered.”

On her future plans, she says, “I would like to take up the cause of women who undergo such suppression. I want to work for the empowerment of women.” Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K V Thangkabalu has welcomed the actress’s decision to join the party and said, “Anyone who is ready to accept the leadership of Soniaji is welcome.”



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