KS Ravikumar heads Bollywood Rana delayed further

KS Ravikumar heads Bollywood, Rana delayed further

KS Ravikumar heads Bollywood Rana delayed further

Director KS Ravikumar has made his next move and many won’t be pleased with the news. The Director plans to shoot for a Bollywood movie soon after he is done with his Kollywood commitment Kochadaiyaan .Fans will remember that the announcement of the flick Kochadaiyaan came at a time when there was no news at all about the awaited flicks Hara (Sultan the Warrior) and the other one in Rana.

This also gave rise to talks about Kochadaiyaan itself being the new Hara. But the news was met with denial from the director himself as he said, “Neither has Sultan: The Warrior (renamed as Hara) been dropped nor Kochadaiyaan is the modified version of Sultan The Warrior  ”.He had given his word to fans to resume Rana by August, 2012 , presumably when Kochadaiyaan  will be completed and all set for release. It was also reported that Sneha will be playing sister to Rajini but the lead heroine for the movie is yet to be announced. Amidst all this, KS has gone for the flip with his statement, “Rana might be taken up after the completion of my forthcoming Hindi project.” Not much about the cast or the crew has been decided as of now. A source reports that the director will give out details when the deal is hopefully done. Rajini on the other hand will join Director Shankar for a third film together, after which he will shoot with Ravikumar for Rana.

Now that makes it a long wait for Rana.



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