Krishnaleelai deals with Samacheer Kalvi

Krishnaleelai Movie

Director Selvan, who debuted as director with ‘Krishnaleelai’ starring Jeevan and Meghna Raj in the lead, had been patiently awaiting the theatrical release of the film for more than an year now. Though the film is ready to hit the screen, several problems have been dogging its release. Producer Pushpa Kandhasami reportedly made it clear to Selvan that the film has been ‘sold’ to Ayngaran Films and that the ball is in ‘their Court’.

Some time back, Selvan was about to go on an indefinite fast protesting against the non-release of the film but was restrained by the industry folks. Selvan said he’d wait up to 15th September before doing anything. Talking about the film, he says “Krishnaleelai is my dream film and should have released in 2008 itself. I had the foresight to deal with the issue of Samacheer Kalvi at that time itself, which is the central theme of the film.

The climax of the film gives an acceptable solution as how should Samacheer Kalvi be introduced in the curriculum. Ironically, had my film released earlier, it would have been fitting if the theme had reached the public; it would have also started a healthy debate as to how this new stream of education should be. I now hear that Aingaran Films is planning to release Thangar Bachchan’s ‘Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal’ ahead of my film.

“If it happens, I’d file a case against them with the Court. I shall remain silent only till 14th September and would file a case on 15th September. Had the film ‘Krishnaleelai’ released in time in 2008 itself, by this time, I would have surely been hailed as a director with revolutionary thoughts. My life would have changed for good,” concludes a lamenting Selvan.


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