Krishna talks on Kattradhu Kalavu

Krishna talks on Kattradhu Kalavu

Krishna the younger brother of director Vishnuvardhan has his second film ‘Kattradhu Kalavu’ hitting the screens the same day Suriya’s 25 th Film ‘Singam’ will seen on theatres on the 28th may 2010

Directed by Balaji Devi Prasad, a former associate of Vishnuvardhan, ‘Kattradhu Kalavu’ has Vijayalakshmi of ‘Chennai 28’ and ‘Anjathey’ fame opposite Krishna. The film is produced by the actor’s father Sekar K K and Chehak Kapoor on Talking Times Movies Pvt Ltd banner.

Because, I have strong confidence on the movie’s story and the way it has been narrated. So I am hopeful that ‘Kattradhu Kalavu’ would become a hit,” says& Krishna

Adding more, he says, “A zoo is not just about lion. Visitors would see other animals too. Likewise, our film too would taste success along with ‘Singam’. My wish is that every movie should bring profits to its producer.

Krishna feels the only benefit he took out of his filmy background is the entry into films. But this ‘Anjali’ child actor has grown up now for ‘Kattradhu Kalavu

also he tells you why he was not launched by his illustrious brother. As an actor he prefers to be a clay in the hands of the directors. A thorough professional Krishna has learnt everything he does today before doing it. A great trait to follow.


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