Kollywood celebrities bitter Married life

Kollywood celebrities bitter Married life

The lead ladies of cinema, whom we adore and die for, thanks to their charming onscreen charisma, do not really have a wonderful off-screen life. Ironically, the celluloid queens end up spending their life either alone or hopping from one relationship to another hoping to get a better life – which incongruously is out of their reach always.

Strangely, this may sound like a curse, but this is the bitter truth. There is a huge list of heroines from yesteryears whose personal life would support our claim.

Srividhya, Nalini, Seetha, Gauthami, Suganya, Rohini, Swarnamalya, Oorvasi, Vindhya and Sonia Agarwal are to name a few.

Joining the bandwagon, many actors had filed divorce seeking relief from their marital bond. Parthiban, Siddharth, Prasanth and Prakash Raj are to name a few. Rumors are floating around that Arvindswamy’s marriage is on the rocks too.

Case Study –  Star Couples

Nalini-Ramarajan, Seetha-Parthiban, Rohini-Raghuvaran, one thing is common. All the three pairs who got married were separated legally through a family court.


The stars who were attracted to each other during film schedules joined hands only to be alienated very soon in filmy style. As to the Tamil adage ‘Aasai aruvathu naal, Moham muppathu naal..’, the star- pairs’ ‘love at first sight’ is short-lived. All because of lack of understanding with each other which is said to be the root-cause for their separation.

While Nalini attributes it to lots of misunderstanding between her and Ramarajan which was the prime reason for her to disassociate herself from him.

In the case of Rohini, the story is different wherein she had to bear the brunt of Raghuvaran’s torture that forced her to go in for a separation. It is inferred that Raghuvaran who was addicted to bad habits showed no inkling of turning over a new leaf even after his marriage.

Parthiban-SeethaFor Seetha, it was total humiliation from Parthiban that led her to seek a divorce.

 Interestingly, all the three do not regret.

Case study – Srividhya

The personal life of Srividhya was not anywhere closer to the cheerful and smiling mother in good spirits that she portrayed onscreen. After her marital relationship turned sour with George, she retreated herself for a while and is even believed to have lived in temples. Rubbing salt to the already sore wound was her husband’s claim for her property. Although Srividhya won the case quite later, the mental agony that she endured during that period ruined her career and ultimately her peace of mind.

Srividhya with her husband

Her life in deathbed was even traumatic. As the world knows, she died of a cancer attack without many to take care of her when she was counting her days in the deathbed.

Case Study – Sonia Agarwal

Selvaraghavan - Sonia agarwal

Selva Raghavan – Sonia Agarwal divorced recently after three years of marriage. Selva and Sonia had opted for divorce citing mutual incompatibility as the reason. What is surprising here is the couple has known each other well before the wedding and were courting before they tied the nuptial knot. Each one of them knew the shortfalls and highs of their respective professions and was assumed to have a lucid understanding of each other. Then what brought in the (d)rift?

On the contrary

Whilst the mainstream heroines find it tough to lead a blissful marital life, the bombshells who rocked the scene with their sexy item numbers showcase a healthy attitude towards marriage. They seem to be living happily ever after with their husbands – who mostly are from the same field.


Jeyamalini, who got married to a cop leads a marriage life any other actor would die for. Sultry Jyothilakshmi and her daughter Jyothimeena are equally happy.
Disco Shanthi

Disco Shanthi, who married the Telugu actor Srihari has disappeared from the showbiz, which suggests that her marital life is peaceful. It is even reported that she shares a wonderful rapport with her mother in law. However her sister Lalitha Kumari couldn’t save her marriage relation with actor Prakashraj.

Sex bomb of yesteryear Anuradha married dance master Satish – who met with an accident years ago and left with a coma and bedridden. However, Anuradha’s marital life sustained and she nurses Satish hoping that he will be back to good health some day.

What goes wrong?

It raises one’s eyebrows to witness the marriage of lead heroines in shambles as opposed to the bare all ladies of cinema who lead a peaceful marital life. Does that mean the heroines want to stay lead ladies in real life as well? If that is the reason, our young chicks – who now rock the scene – need to take a lesson or two before entering into a nuptial agreement.



  1. Anonymous

    Poor celebrities..Though their outside life is looking very fancy, they are leading a very painful life..

  2. Brandy

    Sucks – if they were not in the movie industry they would have not had this problem!. Well some actors are happy..which is nice to see..like surya and jyothika – but others relationship just fades away due to the schedule each of them might have.. which results to not believing each other in some cases and some cases cheating.. They should be more careful with who they marry.. Marriage is a joke to all of them it seems!.

  3. Anonymous

    i am always jovial but when it comes to relationship especially marriage its a very very utter serious matter. very delicate and awsome if you enjoy the marriage life. it can be broken easily but hard to maintain marriage

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