Kollywood bids farewell to Jagjit Singh

Kollywood bids farewell to Jagjit Singh

Monday the 10th happened to be a full moon day falling on the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin .As the moons shone brightly it got another friend with Ghazal King Jagjit Singh bidding farewell to join the music of the celestial beings. A pioneer, Jagjit Singh was the driving force behind the popularization of modern ghazal singing, an honour he shared with his beloved wife Chitra Singh as the duo performed to packed audiences during their heydays back in the 70’s and the 80’s.

Born in Rajasthan to Amar a government employee and Bachan Kaur , Jagjit’s parents had big plans for him so as to become an IAS officer. But their son had other BIG plans as he packed his bags to be trained in classical music for 6 years , with most of his practice (riyaaz) carried out at a local paan shop. Even though he had to struggle to make a mark in the industry a young Jagjit kept the faith going strong. His personal life wasn’t away from much turmoil as the couple lost their only son Vivek aged just 21 in a road mishap, following which wife Chitra withdrew herself from any more performances. On September 23rd he was admitted at the Lilavati hospital (Bandra, Mumbai) after suffering a brain hemorrhage and said to be in comma. Doctors declared his condition critical, as he underwent a surgery to remove the clots and later put on a life support system. He breathed his last on Monday 8:10 A.M   , saying a final goodbye, aged 70.

Kollywood composers AR Rahman and Harris Jayaraj sent out their condolences to Jagjit’s friends and family members. Harris says, “Jagjit Singh was my inspiration for gazals and soothing melodies… I don’t know how I am going to take this. May his soul Rest In Peace.” “Rest in Peace Jagjit ji…No one can replace your voice and the perfection you had towards your art…” signed off an emotional A.R. Rahman.”

Thanks a lot Jagjit Ji your golden voice and words are here to stay forever.

Here is a live concert clip from his most loved tracks “HOSH WAALON KO KHABAR KYAA” ….



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