Kolaveri touches 10 million Dhanush unhappy

Kolaveri touches 10 million, Dhanush dismayed

Kolaveri touches 10 million Dhanush dismayed

It may sound totally wicked to say that the song with it’s Tanglish lyrics some how made sense to the entire nation, and is now holding the flag for the most watched Indian song ever .Being the son in law of Superstar Rajinikanth we can surely understand the re-writing history part of it but one unsettling question that still remains to be solved is – Why this Kolaveri di ? (lol……:))

The song has recorded a mind-boggling 10,720,320 views on Youtube itself reaching the 10 million mark for the first time by any Indian song (Now Dhanush who accounts for all those zeroes-u, 3 cheers to the Kolvaeri heroes-u…). The Kolaveri disease has also disrupted daily lives across the Deccan regions, with many shaking their legs and hands up in the air in Northern India too. FM stations in North India and recently even MTV were reported to be the latest causalities. But all this fame hasn’t yet sunk in Kolaveri guy Dhanush’s brains, who sounded a bit dismayed as he said, “Nobody from my industry has spoken to me about the song… I haven’t got any recognition from my industry.”

Well Dhanush you know what…they still need to switch of those speakers and reach out for their cellphones…SIMPLU-u ! No Tension !!!



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