Ko team gives a stern warning to Karthika

Ko Karthika

KV Anand follows Shankar and Manirathnam style of maintianing
full secrecy of the movie.

It is heard KV Anand has issued a strict warning to Karthika. The director has instructed the starlet not to disclose the Ko’s storyline to the media. The warning has been issued to all the other stars including Jiiva and Ajmal, as well, but Karthika is given a stern warning because she is a newbie.

And the director has told her mother Radha also to reiterate to her daughter the need for maintaining a low profile until the right time comes.

K V Anand is compensating for time and money lost due to Jeeva’s China visa problems by shooting on war footing at the AVM Studios.



  1. Anonymous

    HI buddys. all d best on ur upcomng project…. i think jeeva has selected a great path and this movie will b stepping stone in jeeva's and as well as 4 every1 in d crew… ALL D VERY BEST.

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