KO Phenomenal Success makes Jeeva more responsible


Actor Jiiva is presently in the middle of a busy shooting spell in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Though he is far away from Chennai, his mind is said to be hovering around the city as he is being flooded with congratulatory message and phone-calls on his mobile which has been ringing incessantly ever since ‘Ko’ hit the screens last Friday.

The unexpected and phenomenal success of ‘Ko’ in all the centres has come as a surprise to Jiiva, the film’s crew and the director himself. Though the film was expected to do well, the margin of success has stumped them. The film’s success has obviously made Jiiva more responsible; he would now be under tremendous pressure to ensure at least moderate success of his upcoming ventures.

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First in the pipeline is ‘Rowthiram’, directed by Gokul and produced by Jiiva’s father R.B. Chowdhary. RB Chowdhary obviously wants to release ‘Rowthiram’ as soon as possible in order to cash in on Jiiva’s ‘increased’ popularity and credibility in the wake of the success of ‘Ko’. Similarly, the producer of Jiiva’s other film ‘Vandhan Vendraan’ is also itching to release their film at the earliest, for the same reason.

In order not to disappoint Jiiva’s fans who would expect ‘something special’ in ‘Rowthiram’, RB Chowdhary and Gokul are planning to re-shoot some sequences in an ‘improved’ manner. In the meanwhile, RB Chowdhary is also said to have taken on the responsibility of releasing the dubbed version of ‘Ko’ in Telugu with the title ‘Rangam’.



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