Kiran Rathod Item Number

Kiran’s item number in Pudhuvai Managaram

Kiran Rathod Item Number

Remember Kiran Rathod (strictly Kiran for Tamil audiences), the actress who debuted opposite Vikram in director Saran’s successful Gemini several years back? She starred opposite the likes of Ajith, Vijay (for an ‘item’ number in Thirumalai), Vijayakanth and Prashanth but faded into oblivion slowly as she put on oodles of flesh around her waist.

After a long break, Kiran was seen in Saguni in a small but important role. She was impressive both in terms of looks and acting. After that she is getting more offers, it seems. She would be seen Pudhuvai Maanagaram (PN), which is the Tamil-dubbed version of the hit film Twins which had Mammootty, Nadhiya and Tapasee playing the lead roles. The film is being spruced up to hit the screens in Tamil Nadu and efforts are on to make it look like an ‘original’ Tamil film.

When the producer approached Kiran to perform an ‘item number’ in the film, the amount quoted by the latter was ‘too much’ for the former to immediately agree to it. When the producer asked her to reduce her fee, Kiran didn’t oblige his request and likened herself to ‘gold’ and told him that whether it’s ‘being used’ or not, gold never lost its value.

The producer couldn’t reply to Kiran’s philosophical reply and had no other go but to oblige her ‘demand’ for a highe pay-packed and then went ahead and shot the song, which has reportedly come out very well. The film is about twins played by Mammootty and Nadhiya. The script picks up speed when Mammootty accidentally saves Tapasee from getting into a major accident.

Watch the film in theatres in a few weeks’ time from now!


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