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Khushboo takes part in Nairobi UN Meeting

Kushboo big-awards-17

Khushboo has received an invite to take part in a meeting conducting by an United National body in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. The actress would be leaving for Nairobi on 14th March. It’s indeed a honour for a Tamil actress, who is past her prime, to be invited to speak about women’s issues abroad.

The youth wing of the United National is holding the meeting at Nairobi. The 2-day conclave would be held on 16-17 March where representatives from many countries would be participating to air their views. The meeting is likely to dwell at length about measures for the welfare of youths.

On getting the invite to visit Nairobi, Khushboo said that “The future of the country and the world is in the hands of youths who are to be groomed propertly to take care of themselves and the society around them. The hidden talents in each of them would have to be unearthed, which is the sold purpose of the Nairobo meet.

“I would speak about what can possibly be done by the youths to raise the living standards of millions around the world who earn very little and are finding it difficult to get two square meals per day,” said Khushboo who has prepared her own text. She would also be touching upon schemes intended for the empowerment of women.


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