Director Keyar

Keyar questions how Vijay’s Thuppakki proceeds without any hurdle

Director Keyar

Producer-director Keyaar has joined the issue which has been rocking the Tamil film industry for the past fortnight. The clash between the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) and the Federation of Film Employees’ of South India (FEFSI) over the newly-structured wages issues has been threatening to divide the film fraternity into two groups. Efforts are being made, though, to prevent the split.

The various statements issued by the office-bearers of the Council lead to speculation that all is not well within the Council. While the shooting schedule of almost all the films have been badly affected by the above-said clash, the shooting of Vijay’s upcoming film Thuppakki continues without a break which has made many raise their eye-brows as the actor is the son of SAC, the president of the TFPC.

Popular producer-director Keyaar has said, “A solution should soon be found to the present tangle. Many believe that the peace-making efforts by veteran director KB would bear fruits…yet, both KB and Bharathiraaja had quit from FEFSI early this week and as such I don’t think they can attempt solving the issue formally…I also feel that some conspiracy has been going on to disturb the feeling of unity among Tamil film-makers…..

While the shooting schedules of all the films have been stalled for more than a month now, it’s surprising how Vijay’s Thuppakki continues without any hindrance. This only goes to show the lack of unity among the office-bearers of the TFPC. I’m one of the advocates of a separate labour organization for Tamil film employees,”said Keyar.


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