Kavalar Kudiyiruppu U Certified

A.M.R. Ramesh’s latest celluloid offering, Kavalar Kudiyiruppu, inspired by an incident that took place at the Police Quarters in Bengaluru during the Babri Masjid demolition, has got a ‘U’ Censor Certification without any cuts. Though it is a sensitive subject, Ramesh says he has not dramatised the theme.

“It’s a romantic story, based on a real-life Hindu-Muslim riot incident that took place with a romantic couple at the police quarters in Bengaluru. This happened as a result of the violence that broke out post-Ayodhya. I have tried out a new narration and fresh ways of depicting the communal clash. The story spans three different periods — 1968, 1992 and the present time. Cinematographer Dwarakanath has used different tones for the three periods.”

Anish Tejeshwar and Shruti are the lead pair. Murali Manohar of Media One is releasing Kaadhalar Kudiyiruppu in Tamilnadu. James Vasanthan of Subramaniyapuram fame has composed five songs.


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