Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is the brand ambassadress of ‘Educate Girl’

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

Bollywood sizzler Katrina Kaif has been roped in as the brand ambassdress of ‘Educate Girl’, an organization striving for women’s empowerment through educating them.

Sabina of ‘Educate Girl’ justifies zeroine in on Katrina as the brand ambassadress. “Katrina qualifies to be the brand ambassadress of our project. She is very well aware of the laws of the land and has been speaking at various fora about the need to education girls and women. We hope we would feel rejuvenated in our endeavour to empower women with Katrina joining us,” Sabina says.

Commenting on her selection as an ambassadress for Educate Girl, the 33-year old sizzler said “Girls in rural localities and daughters of Adivasi women still face huge hurdles in getting higher education beyond primary and middle-level schooling. The organization, which concentrates mainly on girls dropping out of schools, has been rendering immense services for the past ten years.

“I feel proud of having myself associated with this organization which strives to ensure that women get equal educational rights on part with men. I shall continue to do my bit towards ensuring that women get equal educational rights,” Katrina concludes.


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