Kasthuri Raja Dhanush

Kasthuri Raja acknowledges rift between Dhanush and Aishwarya

Kasthuri Raja Dhanush

The reported ‘rift’ between Dhanush and Aishwarya appears to have been far from over. The cause of the misunderstanding between the high-profile couple is Dhanush’s reported ‘proximity’ to his 3 co-star and Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan. That the film, which had the highly popular Kolaveri number in it, releaed a few months back and bit the dust at the box-office is an altogether different issue.

Reports say that Dhanush’s continued liaison with Shruti has created a ‘deep rift’ between him and Aishwarya. It is also reported that Aishwarya is in an agitated mood due to this and as a result of this, Dhanush has now started ‘living’ separately. However, sources close to Dhanush’s family say that the star has gone to South Africa along with the kids and Aishwarya to shoot for his film Mariyan directed by Bharatbala.

Acknowledging for the first time that there exists some ‘misunderstanding’ between Dhanush and Aishwaya, Dhanush’s father and filmmaker Kasthuri Raja says “It was a fact that Dhanush and Aishwarya were at loggerheads with each other (due to his reported affair). It’s just a common misunderstanding which arises between couples. Show me a single husband-wife couple which hasn’t fought among themselves.

“Shruti is not the reason for the couple’s misunderstanding. Aishwarya did feel upset about Dhanush getting too close for comfort with Shruti in the film 3 as no wife would digest her husband getting too close to another woman, albeit on-screen. Though Aishwarya was the director of the film, she isn’t very pleased with some sequences in the film. Despite the differences, they are very much together and Dhanush isn’t living separately. Theirs is a happy family which shouldn’t be disturbed by anyone,” concluded Kasthuri Raja.


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