Karungali Movie deals with the issue of impotency


Director-turned-hero Kalanjiyam’s upcoming film ‘Karungali’ has a couple of heroines in Anjali and Sunita Verma (of 6’ 2” fame) besides Asmitha. The film deals with a subject considered almost a taboo (for some reasons, though) by Tamil film-makers in the past: the script is about male impotency.

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Kalanjiyam, who directed Prabhu and Roja in ‘Mitta Mirasu’ a few years back, has played a significant role in ‘Karungaali’ which has newcomers Seenu and Asmitha. The Censor Board, which recently watched the film, let the film be released without any cuts but awarded an ‘A’ certificate to it for some ‘bedroom sequences’ in it.

The script is about the misunderstanding the creeps between two couples apparently due to the ‘non-performance’ of the male partner. Seenu and Anjali play one of the two pairs while the other pair involves Kalanjiyam and Asmitha. The issue ultimately leads to divorce. The Censors didn’t cut any ‘bedroom sequences’ involving Seenu-Anjali and Kalanjiyam-Asmitha but passed the film with the ‘Adults Only’ certification.

Speaking about his film, Kalanjiyam says, “A survey says that as many as 65 percent of today’s youth face the problem of ‘non-performance’ or impotency. The script deals with a couple where the husband is unable to produce a child despite 3 years of marital life. Problem starts when a ‘third’ person enters their lives. The bedroom sequences have been filmed aesthetically sans any vulgarity. Even the Censors appreciated the film saying that the film is quite appropriate for today’s youths.

“I approached many leading actresses like Meera Jasmine, Sneha, Bhumika Chawla, Padmapriya, etc. to play an important character in the film which is pivotal to the storyline. After all of them refused, I roped in Sunita Verma to essay the role. I’m sure the film would be liked by all sections of the audience,” he concludes.


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