Ragalaipuram Karunas

Karunas:Heroines don’t agree to pair up with me

Ragalaipuram Karunas

Karunas is, without an iota of doubt, one of the leading comedians in today’s scenario. The comedian, who also composes music for films, does indulge in playing lead roles in films as was witnessed in films such as Dindigul Sarathy and Ambasamuthiram Ambani. Fully aware of his limitations and knowing that he can’t play the typical hero’s role of fighting and singing duets, Karunas carefully selects his scripts.

Films where he plays lead roles are always released with the tag that he’s the hero of the script and not the film. Karunas is about to wrap up the shoot of his upcoming film Ragalaipuram, a film in which he has played the ‘hero of the script’ and produced the film as well.

Karunas introduces a newcomer Angana as heroine in Ragalaipuram. The newcomer was required simply because none of the established actresses were ready to pair up opposite him. The same was the case in Dindigul… and Amba… as well. Talking to newsmen recently, Karunas says “Many leading heroines have refused to pair up opposite me and I had to choose a newcomer in Angana.

“Though my films do average business, heroines still tend to consider me only as a comedian and are hesitant in pairing up opposite me. How long would I keep on knocking their doors in vain? That’s why I decided to go for a newcomer. Angana has done a wonderful job in the film. I’d also be playing comedian in others’ films provided I get a meaty role as the case was with the recent film Kazhugu,” concludes Karunas.


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