Ragalaipuram Karunas

Karunas:Comedy films are always money-spinners

Ragalaipuram Karunas

Comedian Karunas has something more to him than meets the eye. Few are aware of his passion for music and that he indeed scored the music of Ambasamuthiram Ambani. He is now in the concluding stages of his upcoming film Ragalapuram which he is producing in his home banner. Veteran Kovai Sarala, who rocked in last year’s Kanchana, plays a pivotal role in the film.

Karunas has roped in the sexy Sanjana Singh for an ultra-sexy ‘item number’ in Ragalaipuram. As always, it is projected in the film’s title cards that Karunas plays the lead role in the script and not the film. Besides Ragalaipuram, Karunas also has films such as Machchan and Chandamama wherein he plays the lead role (i.e. the ‘lead’ in the script and not in the film).

At the same time, Karunas doesn’t hesitate accept offers which come his way requiring him to share screen-space with other fellow comedians. During a recent chat with newsmen, Karunas has said that, “Comedy films are always a safe bet. Have a look at the films which have done well so far at the box-office: all are comedy-based films. Some mega-budget, serious films have bit the dust, bringing the total loss suffered to a whopping Rs 400 crore.

“The members of the public are facing tremendous ordeal in running their respective day-today lives with spiraling prices and traffic snarls to contend with. Besides, they also have the ‘work pressure’ to handle at the place of work. I think comedians like us are born to entertain and make such people happy so that they laught their hearts out for more than two hours when they come to watch our films,” concludes Karunas.


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