Karunas feels responsible


Karunas feels a bit more responsible these days. The comedian has done more than hundred movies with top directors and actors in the industry and also tried his hand at composing music.Not many know that since 2009 he has composed music for three movies.

His upcoming releases include Chandamama, Ragalaipuram, and Machan with Vivek. “Having gained the experience I am now ready to give new directors the chance by launching them through my movies. I fear the audience that comes to the theater.They pay at least Rs.50 to enjoy the show and I am solely responsible for the scenes I enact be it a comedy scene or a hero role.”The upcoming release Ragalaipuram is produced by Karunas himself and has him playing the hero role.It’s directed by Mano and has Angana, Kovai Sarala, Bharath Reddy and M.S. Bhaskar in supporting roles. His other hero release comes in ‘Chandamama’ directed by Radhakrishnan, who has penned the story, screenplay and dialogues.The film is about an ordinary man named Santhanakrishnan (Karunas)who becomes Chandamama, a well-known writer.Karunas has Swetha Basu playing female lead for Chandamama.That’s a lot of work in progress for our comic hero.


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