Karunas Sarala

Karunas and Kovai Sarala shoot for Ragalaipuram

Karunas Sarala

Actor Karunas has started shooting for his forthcoming Ragalaipuram. The film said to be a comedy entertainer him joining hands with Director Manohar. Recently Kovai Sarala was spotted shooting at the sets for the movie near Thiruverkadu.

Sarala has had loads of offers pouring in, post her sleeper hit Kanchana, playing mother to Raghava Lawrence. She has no qualms keeping up with her comic image, signing up for Ragalaipuram that is betting high on the entertaining duo. The unit members have bonded well together and have already shot some important portions well within time. Karunas who looked excited, sharing his shooting experience with Sarala, says, “It’s been great to have Sarala with us for the shoots. She plays an all important role in the movie. We are sure that she’ll carry this one off well, just like Kanchana last year.” Ragalaipuram is an important project for Karunas, who is doing a full-fledged lead role as a comedian in the movie. Fans can be rest assured that this new jodi won’t fail to amuse everyone :).


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