Karunanidhi: My great grandson will also become a producer

Karunanidhi: My great grandson will also become a producer

The Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi said so yesterday, questioning critics what was wrong if his sons and grandsons made their presence felt in Tamil cinema.

“There is so much criticism against my family members for being involved in the film industry. Yes, my grandsons are into producing movies. But it is not a wrong thing to produce movies as it is also an accepted profession,”? he said at the at the music launch of ‘Murattu Kaalai’, a film produced by his grand nephew Gunanidhi Amirtham here.

Karunandhi’s grandsons, Udayanidhi Stalin and Dayanidhi Azhagiri, have floated their own film production companies, while one of his grandnephews and brother of Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran, Kalanidhi Maran, who co-owns media empire Sun TV Group, has also stepped into production.

If Prithvi Raj Kapoor’s family is in films till today, if Rajnikanth’s daughter can produce movies and his son-in-law Dhanush can act, what is wrong if my grandsons Kalanidhi, Udayanidhi, Dayanidhi, Arlunidhi and Arivunidihi are into film-making? It is just another conspiracy by the threaded class (Brahmins) because I work for the Dravidian community,”, said by the CM.

 “It would not be a matter of surprise even if my great grandson also becomes a producer.”, the 86-year old CM said.

Karunanidhi said he has been associated with the Tamil film industry for the past 50 years, referring to his career as a scriptwriter for various films, including the landmark Parasakthi, which launched thespian Sivaji Ganesan in Tamil cinema.

At the function, actor Vikram received the first copy of the film’s audio CD from the Chief Minister. Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin, Tamil Film Producers Council president Rama Narayanan, Film Employees Federation of South India chief V C Guhanathan, producer Karunamoorthy, actor-director R Parthiban, actors Vivek, Suman and others took part.

His government is striving hard for the growth of the cinema industry and for the welfare of its workers, the Chief Minister said and recalled that the DMK government had exempted tax for movies with Tamil titles.



  1. Anonymous

    Still dont get why 'his government is striving hard for the growth of the cinema industry' when they should actually be striving hard for the welfare of the Tamilnadu state and its people. Would be nice if he puts half the energy that he puts into films into the work he is supposed to be doing as a CM.

  2. Muthu

    Ayya Periyavara: Pothumaiya,, Neengal seyyum Cinema nadagangal.. Please spend time with your family and leave tamilnadu alone.. With your 50years of politics.. engum corruption..yellam corruption..Think about next generations.. what would we have done for them…instead your family is doing excellent with the expense of lot of poor people who they can not afford anything..

  3. murugan

    dear.. it is all being done by considering only thier Vote bank and not the benefit of peoples.. The same formula is applicapable for all the projects announced by this government.. Cancellation of Farmaer's Loan, Free Gas, Free TV, free motor, Arisi etc ..This is the secret behind their success…which is very worst for us

    Nothing is going to be useful for the peoples..

    இந்த  தமிழகத்தையும் .. கலை  உலகத்தையும் ..கடவுள்  தான்  காப்பாத்தணும் … இந்த  கலைஞர்  குடும்பத்திடம்  இருந்து …

  4. Cinema Mooham

    MK knows how the people in TN are crazy about the cinema and its personalities and he is using it to generate wealth for his entire family and to control the masses and extorting the film stars to support his family to stay in power. But if you look at the history even the great kings has to face the free fall one day. 

  5. san33

    What karunadhi has said is not just acceptable… dhanush was actor first then he is son in law for rajini.. is no where related to rajini's influence.. and he dint have anyone to point in TN so just pulled rajini's duaghter name since she directed just one movie goa.. how come he can relate like dis.. .. useless.. in his ruling time, I havent see any difference he made to my Chennai other than raising statues, launching songs and movies,…. think about other parts of TN– dey are just  ..same for the 5  years.. horrible.. 

  6. san33

    if he is so much interested about  Tamil cinema.. let him become CM — not chief minister ;;; cinema minister ,..

  7. Nayagan

    From the list here… How many guys/gals had went to the poll booth for voting? Can you please post that too… Its all in your,,,,, sorry our hands friends, lets do that and try to eliminate the culprits in the upcoming elections… please, do vote for someone else other than dmk…

  8. mee

    Ivanga family Tamil Nadu voda sabam just like Congress is India's sabam. Ivangalala corruption and monopoly daen valarum. I wish this idiot dies. Cant respect him at all. Yaar vandalum ponalaum ivan powerla irukura corrupt politician

  9. MK

    His entire family is in politics or cinema industry. So he will give all benefits to cinema industry.  THis is one big MAFIA family.

  10. san33

    Mr.Nayagan your reply is valid one.. you know what,  dese goons wont allow anyone to come up..with their violence..hopefully we can get a change … only if dose valid votes are counted…do u think its possible… did you notice onething here we are hardly 7 ppl commented on this person..and everyone have showed rejection or hatred feeling about his political thing.. 2 things i get from dis: 1. if it is about any actors , there would have been plenty of comments .. ppl wud hv been fighting each other for those actors speaking silly sick words.. secondly, none of this person supporters have replied, this means that in avg of 7 ppl also zero ppl supported … this shows that ppl who support him, most of them are uneducated , who vote for money and food….and those who visit the sites talking about heros are not concerned about state….

  11. san33

    Most pity thing, nobody could stop this … if he is going to earn xxx money ..it will borrowed or lend to his family member.. he will make it xxxxxxxxxx money and agian invest the same … and they keep getting..think about other ppl who are/were risking their family… sold houses and evrythng to become producer…if these ppl are buying rights or bidding for huge money… so that no one wud buy that movie… only der family members will be running this production department for whole Tamil movies… but sure they cant step outside dat…… so stupid….

  12. Unmai

    MK in recent days becoming over confident and he never ever dreamt of amassing so much wealth to his family because of the recent influx of foreign investments in TN, if he babbles like this Jaya will become the next CM of TN and which is much worse than MK. So, please people of TN elect Vijaykanth or any third front this time for the CM post and guide the younger generation away from this cinema madness.

  13. ka

    Ho long are you going to bash up the Threaded class. Give it up by scolding them you have managed to create an empire of corruption.

  14. Anonymous

    Just one example of their family dominance. I went to Chennai this April. At the same time Azhagiri was visiting Chennai. Right from Chennai Central to all the way till Coimbedu, for every 20 feet there was poster or banners of Azhagiri posters – like standing, sitting, thinking, smiling and disgusting.

    Unbelievable dominance and mesmerization of the public.

  15. Kalai

    Cinema is just another field these money making creeps havent entered and they’re here now to make it their domain and loot it completely. All producers will now be muscled out and only films of their crooked ideology will come out. MK has used media entirely to captivate the attention of the true Tamilians and con them into beleiving in his useless ideas. The only defence he has is to scream at the threaded class – god knows where they are now in the first place.
    The only way to counter this is to discourage these films.

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