Karunanidhi Awarded Heart of Cinema at Nagpur film festival


Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi is the Heart of Cinema; well that is what the 2nd IFF Nagpur film festival had to say which had Tamil cinema as the theme for this years proceeding.

This is what the event organizers said,

“Our jury was impressed with Tamil cinemas and looking at the story and its content Ilaignan is really an amazing movie with great story content, writing, craftsmanship and the dialogues too have been penned in relevance to the period that the story pertains to.

(Was that a sarcastic statement or a blind appreciation we thought)

We would like to award you on behalf of International Film Festival of Nagpur in recognition of your 75th film for its most powerful dialogues which has a unique blend of relevance and realism.

We choose the title HEART OF CINEMA for your contribution to Tamil cinema and your writing skills that have helped Tamil Cinema to seep into the hearts of audience all over the world without any barriers of religion, region, language, caste and creed.”

However, the Chief Minister will not be available for the festival and  instead , Pa Vijay, director Suresh Krishna, Khusboo and producer S Martin will be receive the award on February 10. Below is the letter, have a look.



  1. makkal

    award vangara aluvuku ivan ena panita……..makkal kassa thirudi thina thevdiya paiya,echa,alpa.thirutu kudhi……………………sikram sethu poda un jathi janam alam sethu pova

  2. Tamilan

    Evaruku kannu theriyathu…….atha vidunga urine porathu kuda theriyathu…enth kurutu kabothi cinema vasanam eluthurana…..story eluthurana…romba thamasa erruku….yenda eppadi ura yemathura….un family ellam savanum..appo than tamilnadu urpudum……

  3. kannan

    Dear Friends,

    You dont have any work, dont write like this being a tamilan………….. do somthing good which will help your family and country……………… Dont be stupid, writing comment like this.

  4. Aravind

    Hmmmm just spending 2 mins to scold this shit eating family is nothing waste of time…..we know to look after our familes and does nt need u r advice…….

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