Karunaas threatened for Srilanka Visit

Karunaas threatened for Srilanka Visit

While the Tamil Pro groups are already protesting against Asin for her Srilanka visit, it’s now the turn for actor Karunaas. Actor Karunaas who is planning to go to Srilanka with his family has been threatened by several groups according to sources.

The actor on this issue said, “Yes I am planning to go to Kandy, Srilanka, but not for shooting. The famous “Kandy Kathirkamam Murugan” is my family deity and my family and I are going to fulfill our vows.

Also our relatives are living in Srilanka and we would like to visit them as well. I have been getting threatening messages from various groups regarding my Srilanka visit.

After following the threats, the actor has filed a petition at the Chennai Commissioner office for providing security for him and his family in this regard.



  1. ridda

    this is getting too much!!! seriously……whoever is protesting has nooo brains!!!! it's just a visit….and plus his relatives are there…..it's not even for a movie!!!!

  2. kk

    he sang today in radio commemorating the vicotory in lanka! he went for that only.The visit is just a reason given to avoid backlash here!
    So theres no reason to not protest this.
    collect the facts and then comment abt others having brains or not!

  3. anonym

    When did Karunaas become Hindu ? I read somewhere that he is a christian ….. hmm … anyway, people should stop reacting to people who visits Sri Lankha. If they are so concerned they should go to Madras Airport and create ruckus…. 'coz every day, there are 100s of passengers leaving to srilankha via Chennai. 

  4. Killer

    C'mon, y do u say SL is hell… hav u visited Kandy, wot a wndrful plc.. n plus he is on a personal visit, that too for religious purpose. May it be religious or not, its his life, who are they to interfere and force him to do so. This is really pathetic. I agree that the Tamil brothers and Sister suffer, but decisions such as this would not give them a better life. If they wana help them whole heartedly, they can visit the country, look in to their personal needs and issue, with so many people in TN lookin 4ward to help the needy, they can deliver a better service. There are many dark plans behind all these protests and things, mainly for their own good. Please think a bit. If you all get together, you can help them in many ways. Stop writing comments and try to be helpful in a practical way. Please 4giv if i had hurt anyones feelings by commenting. It was just my thought. Thank you

  5. Rajiv



    Read and decide for yourself if his visit was needed.

    My opinion is that as long as someone actions to affect others, its alright. In this case its a communal effort to bring down sri lanka economically and prevent it from getting a safe haven picture in the International community. When people from around the world are trying to do this (even ppl who r not tamil), ppl like him are just a hindrance. To go on a entertainment basis esp during Black July, personally disgust me.

    Mr.Killer, sri lanka as a place is nice, the ppl who rule are not.  sri lankan government wont allow to help ppl directly. one can only he give the money to the government that will intern help the people. So all these ppl talking abt helping people pls try helping and then talk abt it. (my uncle tried,obviously he dint trust the officials). Its jus like how the Indian Union took the tax money of the Tamil people for a "War"(quotes intended) against the Tamils.

    Meet all Tamils in Eelam.

  6. ridda

    well i could care less about this…..anyways its his choice of going to sri lanka….even if he sings about sri lanka…..his decision!!! ok?

  7. awsome

    <span>1st of all they should not MIX cinema and politics!! only in india and srilanka we can see such a mess. 
    cinema is ment to be for entertainment not for politics</span>

  8. sporty

    well u dont care thats ur choice and to care is everyone else's
    so shut up and dont poke ur nose in other' choices!
    obviously you dont understand the issue at all!

  9. sporty

    this is not politics for elections and votes!
    this is issue of the people taken up by the people!
    ever heard democracy?!
    well most of the people think he shouldnt have gone to build a government's image which is involved in warcrimes!then so be it-he shouldnt have done it!
    cinema is also part of the society.atleast tamil cinema industry is better in this!
    only india and srilanka we see this?!!
    have you even seen american or south korean films?!

  10. Killer

    Hello Mr. Rajiv,

    Brother i accpet on what u say, but thr hav been instances whr people have been helped alot. But nt in a larger scale.. This is nt a small issue, true, you cannot go against a government of the country, but there are still people, even livin abraod like d 1s in Europe and Canada, they have made ways to help. If there is will there is a way brother. Its to deal wit the problems, rights and feelings of all the people who are suffering. What i meant to say is, rather than all the protest and things, y dnt all get together with the same aim and heart, it would definitely be a strong move. People there are not expecting these protest, all they need is the help and to re-settle back. They need to move on with the normal life as they did before. This is the only way to bring them back from all the hardship and the trauma they are facing. Would like to know your thoughts and comments. Thanks

  11. Rajiv

    I'm not against helping the people who suffer, my point is wat one does to help the people dosent actually get to them. "Where there is will therer is a way". These saying are all to keep the hope up. I was told "hope is a good thing" and i agree. Our freedom fighters had all the will in the world, where was the way??. 
    Helping Tamils in sri lanka is not one man's job. It can be achieved only as a community. We did get together to help them The Tamil diaspora visted sri lanka, wat happened??. The government did not co-operate with them. They were not allowed to use their funds directly (Well, they weren't even allowed to visit places for god sake). They said give us the funds we will do wat is necessary. Now tell me would u go ahead and take the chance and trust the government??. 
    We are in a situation that we cant help. We are wat we can. As u and I agree helping the tamils in sri alnka is not one man's job. My question is "What are these government backed (Indian Union and srilankan) single men missionaries doing out there?". 
    As for protesting against these people is to send a message wat the so called "sri lankan" government is up to and to prevent the government from creating a false impression on the Tamil people and the International community (asin, karunas for the former and IIFA for the latter). Imagine if a popular person who u like comes and behaves as if everything is normal wouldn't u be absorbed into the illusion that things are normal. srilankan government is using the same tactics the Tamil Nadu government used and still uses on the Tamil people. 

    I tried to make myself clear as brief as possible. I took the effort cos u(killer) wanted to know my thoughts. 

    <span>Meet all Tamils in Eelam.</span>

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