Karu Pazhaniappan Janani Iyer

Karu Pazhaniyappan slams Janani for her ‘Iyer’ tag

Karu Pazhaniappan Janani Iyer

Suffixing the name of the caste to their names has been a long-standing habit with many leading politicians and film personalities in Tamil Nadu. Thanks to the self-respect movement started by ‘Thanthai’ EVR Periyar a few decades back, many decided to drop those surnames indicating their caste.

However, the habit appears to have spread to women nowdays. More and more actresses appear to be coming into the industry with their cast names prominently suffixing their names. While many producers and directors don’t pay much attention to this trend, there are a few society-conscious directors and film-makers who have taken exception to this trend.

Even Bala, considered widely by many within and outside the industry to have many reformist thoughts in him, didn’t object to one of heroines in Avan Ivan starring in the film along with the caste name. Janani Iyer is the actress referred to here. She had some volleys to face at the recently held audio-launch of her upcoming film Paagan opposite Srikanth.

Karu Pazhaniyappan, who took part in the audio-launch, made a strong reference to it when his turn to speak came. “What is the need for the film’s heroine Janani to suffix her caste name of ‘Iyer’ to her name? I strongly object to this trend prevalent among many actresses of our generation. The suffix shouldn’t be indicative of one’s caste,” said Pazhaniyappan.



  1. thevar

    What one chooses to have in his/her name is their private matter. Nobody has the right to tell them to change their name. The greate U.Ve. swaminatha Iyer contributed to tamil more than any of these tamil directors can do

    1. Kailash

      Unfortunate to hear such comparison between Legend U.Ve.Sa Iyer and XXX Iyer.

      Kindly exclude legends with ordinary human beings, do not belittle their best efforts to society.

      Jai hind !!

  2. Sri

    Mr Karu..why dont you find some work to do, rather than bashing the names…its one’s right to name someone and you dont have any business to comment on that..btw which is your last successful movie?

    1. Mask

      Mr.Sri, don’t you have any other work to do rather than commenting here. Get the point and argue only to that, instead of blindly criticizing/defending something. We are in 21 st century, however still we could nt get rid of the caste. Atleast someone can raise the voice or registering his view against it, appreciate it and avoid it.

      1. Sri

        He has every right to comment on her acting or work, but not on her name…Why doesnt he raise his voice against the government for including the caste columns in various application forms…mudiyaadu la, apo mudittu poga sollu…

        1. Arasa Senthil

          Bullshit, Director has all rights to comment about her, he gave her chance after hard work, He is boss for her.

          Government will change caste name after people don;t fill the caste

          1. Thamizhan

            Director has all rights to comment about her ‘acting/perfo’ He doesnt have any fucking right to comment on her name. ABolishing caste in name it seems. Why the Fuck does reservation even exist you mofo?

        2. Thamizhan

          Well said Sri, totally agree with you!! These ass lickers who rely on their caste to get a college seat, scholarships, jobs etc should shut their traps and think about eliminating reservations rather than talking about petty names. One should take pride in ones own identity as long as it doesn’t affect others. How the fack is the ‘Iyer’ in her name even gonna affect anyone?

  3. Kailash

    Great thought by Karu, readers tend to compare U.Ve.Sa Iyer to other Iyers which is baseless and lack of any sense.

    Btw, She is just a heroine who does acting for money/comfort etc.

    Can’t think of Santhanam’s one-liner (in Vaalu), “Thanni kudam thukkuravanuku edukuda cooling glass” -> “Kuthattam poduravalukku edukuda Iyer title 🙂 🙂

    1. Thamizhan

      Acting is not a business you god damn sonovabeach. Its a art for christ’s sake. Remove reservations in caste system you cocksuckers, then lets talk about names.

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