Karu Pazhaniyappan launches his own website to interact with fans

Karu Pazhaniappan

Director Karu Pazhaniyappan made a vain bid as hero in last year’s ‘Mandhira Punnagai’ opposite Meenakshi a.k.a. Pinky Sorcar. The director, who has made films like ‘Pirivom Sandhippom’, Srikanth-Sneha starrer Parthiban Kanavu and Sivappathigaram   is considered as a film-maker who makes films bordering on the widely followed tradition and culture.

Karu is more vocal among today’s directors and has his own opinion on all matters. Most of his talk is about the cultural decay in society and the cultural monuments that are facing dilapidation. He also doesn’t flinch in unmasking the hypocrites, who were their ‘cultural masks’ while doing things entirely in the opposite direction.

Aware of the impact of Internet and its vast ability to exchange views, Karu has started his own website www.karupalaniappan.com. The opening lines in his website say: “Each author wants to become a director, each producer wants to become an author; each actor wants to become a producer but ultimately, it appears that nobody is satisfied with what they are doing.”

Unfazed by the failure of ‘Mandhira Punnagai’, Pazhaniyappan is likely to make another attempt as hero with a film which would be launched soon, he has informed on his website.


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