Karthis Saguni completes shopping scene

Karthis Saguni completes shopping scene

Actor Karthi’s upcoming release Saguni will present the youthful hero in a totally new get up. Accompanying him in the fresh charge will be a good looking Pranitha , as the hot jodi is the talk of tinsel town of late. Director Shankar Dayal has disclosed that he is putting in all efforts to get the movie wrapped up in scheduled time.

The director further revealed that almost 3/4 of the movie had been completed and the remaining portions will be shot soon. According to the director, Karthi’s character absorbs some harsh changes as he tries to adapt to new conditions leaving behind his rural lifestyle and starting afresh in the city. Recently the team shot a scene at the famous shopping complex near Ashok Nagar in Chennai. The director and his crew were happy to complete the shoot before the place got uncontrollably crowded. People started flocking in as soon as they heard the news just to catch a glimpse of their newly-wed hero.

Karthi fans will be waiting to hear the good news and we hope it arrives soon.



  1. june

    i guess fame comes at a price, fans need to respect the profession of their fav actor and let them do their work

  2. Smile

    Karthi completes shopping scene-This is very misleading.I thought the news was about a scene where Karthi does his shopping…

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