Karthika talks on the most admirable person – Interview


Karthika is excited to be sharing screen space with Vikram Prabhu in his next venture, we caught up with the actress. Here is an excerpt from the interview where she speaks about her current projects and the most admirable person she has ever met. Read on to know more.


Hey, Karthika nice to see you after a longtime.

Oh yes, it’s been a while since we met.

We would love to know about you latest projects.

 I am teaming up with Vikram Prabhu for actor Vijay’s first production venture. I am also doing Madha Gaja Raja. The film is directed by Sundar C and will feature Vishal opposite me. I’m, currently working with Vikram Prabhu in Sattam Oru Iruttarai. Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum is almost 60 percent complete and it’s a role that I’m so excited about. It is a great honour to work under Bharathiraaja sir and I play a character going through three stages of life- teenage, mature and old.

Nice to hear that, how has it been with the co-stars?

Well Vikram studied theatre from San Diego, his confidence is really unmatched. We discuss a lot about films on the sets. Prabhu uncle too has been so thoughtful; he came to visit us with home-cooked food very recently. I am having a great time on the sets, it is a great team.

You are lucky to have Radha ma’am always by your side. How does it feel to be daughter to such a well-known actress?

Well if it was not for her dedication I won’t be here today. She was part of 150 films and to be frank after such a long association with movies it is hard to give up a profession for your family. But my mom wanted to live for me and I am so lucky to have her by my side always as you mentioned, indeed.

What is her most admirable character trait you wish you had?

Oh that is so tough to answer but there are many, I would say it is the way she deals with people. She is a friend to everyone in fact I would prefer going out with her on a shopping spree and have a good time than with my friends. Her unique style of conversation is so attractive.

Wow, so sweet of you to mention that. Karthika for a moment let us rewind and just imagine that you never wanted to be an actress and if you had a second choice what would it be?

Most probably it would be dance, mom was strict with us but she never burdened us with her talent hunt. Although here is one thing she was very particular of it was classical dance. Haha, but look at me now I am so happy to have practiced such a lovely art form.

There are many more happy experiences to come your way undoubtedly. After all, your mother’s blessings will always be with you for being such a lovely daughter.



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