Karthi Rocket Raja takes lead


Rocket Raja and Cable Raja are very similar in terms of their appearance and presentation. We are talking about the characters played by Karthi and Simbhu in their recent flicks.

Incidentally, both the films are remakes of Telugu hits. The characters are mass heroes, who come from the slums while one is a petty thief (Karthi); the other is the local cable guy (Simbhu). Eventually they grab the attention of the rich girls in town.

Karthi and his producer have been aggressively marketing the film on the strength of Rocket Raja, playing down the other character that the actor plays in the film that of a police officer.

On request Karthi commented “It was director Shiva’s idea to name the character Rocket Raja as the character is flashy and colorful. The name of a character has tremendous reach as proved recently by Chulbul Pandey, Salman Khan’s much-adored character in Dabangg and he can do anything and have no limits”.

Director Dharani commented,

“The larger-than-life character of our heroes is etched out from valorous characters in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. That is the reason why they click big time with the audiences. Heroes like MGR, Sivaji, Rajini, Kamal, Vikram, Vijay and Surya became superstars only by doing such roles. But the format of the mass hero has to be reinvented for every new generation. The trade will recognize an actor as a superstar only if he can play a mass hero role to perfection. That’s how it is”

It seems right now Rocket raja has grabbed the golden opportunity and is all set to lead the race. We will have to wait till the valentine days  for the release of Simbhu’s movie to know about the rest.



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