Karthi praises Thala Ajith for his Mankatha performance

Karthi praises Thala Ajith for his Mankatha performance

So many of you are wondering what are young man Karthi is up to these days, right? Well, apart from his Saguni , which is taking shape steadily the actor found time to catch Thala Ajith’s Mankatha out of this busy schedules. Karthi is really impressed watching Thala play his game in his numero-uno style as he told his friends and fans that the movie does show why Thala enjoys such a huge fan base despite his grungy image in the movie.

Karthi says that, “it takes a lot to stand up and go completely against your present image which Ajith has done in the movie. He has not only taken the risk to experiment with his looks but the fact that he pulled off such a character with so much conviction is their to see in his performance.”  Karthi further adds, “His sinful looks shaded with that grey hair and those unshaven bristles on his face add so much character to the aged 40 year old police officer’s corrupted ways.” Totally agreed Karthi.

Hats off ! to Thala for providing fans, including Karthi with such a wonderful 2011 gift.




  1. Bhaskar

    This fellow Ajith making use of his fans to run his movies, other than nothing…… stupid to the core…..

    He is not a true actor and star………….

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